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How to sell Demons – where is Rufus


If you have catch a being and want to sell it – you bring your trophy to the Rufus. He used to show up near Colosseum in Rome.

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Version 1.3 – released

We happy inform that version 1.3 of Supernatural Demons Hunter has been released. It contains a few upgrades that you were asking for:

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Where is Floki – how to find Floki in Demons Hunter MMO

This map show patch there usually Floki walks – it is between Pedro, John Tamis and place called Cordonata (you can find it on map)

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Monte Cassino – Italy – Demons Alert!

Our sources discovered that next to the hills of Monte Cassino monastery, one of the demons builds are an army of the damned soldiers.

The video from Lord Chenak is here