Missions in Rome / Italy – Complete solution – Part 1

How to pass missions in Rome – Complete solution:

! Spoiler warning !

If you want to make missions by your own – do not read more

1. You will start on Piazza Venezia – Rome

2. Talk Tamis: Tell you want to be a Hunter, don’t take missions with possesed people, just say I’m sorry I want to be a hunter. Tamis looks like this:



3. Tamis will ask you to get recommendation letters from High Council Members: Mia, John, Pedro

Recommendation from Mia.

4. Go north east (up and right left on map) you will find Mia


5. Say hello and say that Tamis is sending you for letter.

6. Say that you will help her with the book

7. Use finder to go to Tamara

8. Type in searcher: “Ponte” and jump to location called: Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II

9. Say hello to Tamara


10. Say that you will help her with the book.

11. Type in searcher : Fante and go to “Piazza del Fante”

12. Pick the Exorcism book (the blue one)

13. Go back to Tamara (can use Activity Log)

14. Tell her that you have found the book.

15. Go back to Mia – give her the book by option “I have found the book [Give book]

16. Ask about Recommedation letter – she will say to wait 5min. (wait go go to next point and back later for the letter)

Recommendation from Pedro.

17. Go to Pedro. He is on Isola Tiberina (use searcher)


18. Say hello and tell that you want to get letter

19. Find a friend (other player that has Mind Power skill = 0) – how to invite friends is here

20. Your friend must be near Pedro and must be online – Ask pedro that you are ready for Training

21. Choose your friend name and Pedro will learn you Mind Power.

22. Ask about letter – Pedro will give it to you.


Now to got 2 recommendation letters from Mia and Pedro.

Part 2. Recommendation from John – how to get USA







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