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How to find Tenzin ?

One of the players – nikosalexlou.mer ask for Tenzin location , here is the solution:


Reseting your account – starting game from beginning

If you have any reason that you want to reset your account and lost all achievements, items, traps , skills and start game from the beginning on the same account – please e-mail as from your account and give “Reset account” in the e-mail topic

use our official address:


People in Rome – map

Here is a map brief of most important people for missions in Rome (screen made with high eagle-eye screen)

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How to find Salman on the desert in Egypt

To find Salman starting from Ring Road near Giza, you need to go south-east, as shown on the picture (about 400m)

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What are the outpost towers in Rome ?

We have noticed a serious demons activity in Europe and USA. A lot of people become possessed last days and the army of possessed is coming to Rome and Washington D.C.

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How to find Obsidian ?

Obsidian is a volcano rock that could be found near Etna – volcano in Italy.

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Demons Hunting strategy by DirtNap

Here is the hunting strategy from DirtNap – top hunter last of 3 week and the leadership of TOP-list at the moment:

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How to get first trap, learn hunting skills and get to USA – complete tutorial

Here is 2 part of complete tutorial how to make fist missions in the game, learn skills and get necessary equipment

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Introducing Raymond and Lian – Washington D.C. FBI headquarters

When you successfully complete basic missions in Rome, you will get ticket from Mia to go to Washington D.C. near the FBI headquarters. You will meet them Lian and most-wanted businessman Mr. Raymond.

Complete step by step tutorial start here

Raymond and Lian in Washington DC

How to sell Demons – where is Rufus


If you have catch a being and want to sell it – you bring your trophy to the Rufus. He used to show up near Colosseum in Rome.

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