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Non Android client is now officially available

For now – all non-Android players can join Supernatural Demons Hunter.

under this link:


Players of July 2015 – summary

Darkestb4dawnis the TOP player of July 2015 (best gain and game progress in July) , he (or she) is on the top of lists in the following classifications:

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Players of the June 2015 – summary

DirtNap is the TOP player of June 2015, he is on the top of lists in the following classifications:

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What are the outpost towers in Rome ?

We have noticed a serious demons activity in Europe and USA. A lot of people become possessed last days and the army of possessed is coming to Rome and Washington D.C.

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Version 1.4 has been released

Today we have released version 1.4 for Android

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Tamis and Lian pays salary to all players every 24h

Each 24h you can get salary from Tamis or Lian. The salary depends on you level:

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New TOP lists from Tamis

Now by asking Tamis (Tell me more about the Order) you can find out:

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Introducing Raymond and Lian – Washington D.C. FBI headquarters

When you successfully complete basic missions in Rome, you will get ticket from Mia to go to Washington D.C. near the FBI headquarters. You will meet them Lian and most-wanted businessman Mr. Raymond.

Complete step by step tutorial start here

Raymond and Lian in Washington DC

Version 1.3 – released

We happy inform that version 1.3 of Supernatural Demons Hunter has been released. It contains a few upgrades that you were asking for:

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Tanner is the most experienced Player in May 2015

We are very happy to inform that the player of the May 2015 is Tanner.  Congratulations !

Top 10 list is as follows:


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