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See the beauty of Rome

TOP Players List

Today we have prepared a various of TOP List from Supernatural Demons Hunter RPG

You can find those lists here

New responsive web site and stats recordings

Today we have published new version of main site for mobile devices.

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Meditation using Japa Mala

Now Tenzin will sell you Japa Mala – a tool for mediation. More information is published here

The war has been started !

The time has come. Hordes of possessed are attacking hunters!

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No more traps deployed in Safe Zones

From today hunters can not deploy traps in safe zones.

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Non Android client is now officially available

For now – all non-Android players can join Supernatural Demons Hunter.

under this link:


Players of July 2015 – summary

Darkestb4dawnis the TOP player of July 2015 (best gain and game progress in July) , he (or she) is on the top of lists in the following classifications:

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How to find Salman on the desert in Egypt

To find Salman starting from Ring Road near Giza, you need to go south-east, as shown on the picture (about 400m)

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Outpost towers

The demons activity in Europe and USA continues. This situation has forced us to build new outpost tower and make a safe zone in Rome and Washington DC.

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