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We are still on the ride!

Rumors of the game’s death were greatly exaggerated. Our team has a new developer and we are starting updates soon. We invite you to the section – Dev Team

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Little BUG with Pedro has been fixed

Thanks to one of the players – Astherja – we have fixed a bug with Pedro.

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Supernatural Demons Hunter – version 1.5 has been released

Today we announce the version 1.5 – it has been uploaded to Google Play. It should be available in few hours.

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Deploying traps – limits and skills

For now, you need to learn Deploying traps to higher level if you want to manage more than one trap deployed at the same time. The maximum count of traps is twice the deploying traps level.

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Varying prices for demons

Prices for demons (Rufus trade) is not fixed any more. For now price will be different after each transaction (some market mechanisms has been implemented). More info will be provided soon.

New teaser for web version

See the beauty of Rome

TOP Players List

Today we have prepared a various of TOP List from Supernatural Demons Hunter RPG

You can find those lists here

New responsive web site and stats recordings

Today we have published new version of main site for mobile devices.

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Meditation using Japa Mala

Now Tenzin will sell you Japa Mala – a tool for mediation. More information is published here

No more traps deployed in Safe Zones

From today hunters can not deploy traps in safe zones.

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