How to avoid being possessed ? What happen when you get possessed ?

Basic knowledge about possession and fighting tactics.

  1. If you are hunting demons you could be surrounded by possessed person(s) and you possession level will raise. You should exorcise those people ASAP.
  2. You should train yourself in Mind power (recommended level of Mind Power is equals to your current global level – see Stats) and Mediation (reduces possession periodically)
  3. If you are possessed more than 80% – you can not fight (you can not exorcise other people) but you can still move.
  4. If you are possessed more than 90% – you can not move (you need to ask someone to exorcise you)


  • Try to work in pair or larger group to exorcise each other.
  • If you are hunting alone, check your stats often and when it rises – go back to Safe Zone and perform Purification Ritual in the Outpost tower.
  • Always have a plenty of Holy water to exorcise.
  • Learn Mediation and use Japa Mala.
  • Learn Mind Power



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