How to repair traps – what happens if trap is broken – how to avoid being possessed ?

Traps could be damaged be strong demons or damned souls.

If demons damage trap up to 90% – he will escape and could posses the owner in revenge.

So you should aways keep your trap in good condition.


IF you want to repair your traps by yourself – learn the Repairing traps skill from Tamis.

Each level of Repairing traps allows you to repair trap damaged to 10 multipled by your skill

If trap is damaged in 20% you need at least skill level 2.
If trap is damaged in 90% you need at least skill level 9.

To repair trapĀ  click on trap detail and than click Repair button in the top-right corner of the screen (in Android version)

Notice: trap mustn’t be deployed otherwise you can repair it.

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