Missions in Rome / USA – complete solution – part 2

How to pass missions in Rome and get to USA – Complete solution:

! Spoiler warning !

If you want to make missions by your own – do not read more

After part 1 you should have 2 recommendations from Mia and Pedro

1. Go meet John  – type in searcher “Largo di Torre Argentina”


2. Ask him that you want to get recommendation and become hunter

3. Go with dialog about his loss and searching for sons.

4. At the end of conversation – he will send you back to Mia to get ticket to USA

5. Go back Mia and tell her that you want a ticket to USA

6. She will ask you to help with Tamara investigation, say OK I can handle this

7. Go to Mia – tell that you Mia sends you and you want to help.

8. You need to wait real 10 minutes for equipment (on this time go pick some items around)

9. After 10 minutes ask her about equipment

10. Tamara will give you Wooden cross

11. Go to Vatican type in searcher “vatican” you should see “St peter square – piazza santo petro – Vatican”

12. You should meet Giuseppe

Bishop Giuseppe

13. Talk with him and after dialog you should get this option : Please look at this (touch bishop with cross)

14.  Go back Tamara and tell about bishop and cross. Ask what we do next

15. She will ask you to get Listening device

16. Go to Floki – he is near Chester and Janusz (near Piazza Venezia and Tamis where you start)


17. Ask Floki about the Listening device

18. Ask Floki about device – he may want to get his trust by finding 5 friends or collect 10 ash, 10 sulfur and 10 salt.

19. Buy device from Floki

20. Go back Tamara – she will ask to find someone near Vatican or Russian embasy

21. Type in searcher location: “Russian”  – you will go to Russian consulate

22. You will meet Siergiej



23. Talk with and ask If  he know Giuseppe from Vatican

24. He will tell you about Opus dei and tell the secret password.

25. Go Vatican again, move west (left) next to Giuseppe to the Vatican gardens.

26. You should meet Thomas – if Thomas is not visible in Vatican gardens go to point nr 28 (Largo Domenico Jacobini)


27. Talk with Thomas, say him secret password of Opus dei

28. Thomas will go to “Largo Domenico Jacobini” follow him or use searcher – it will take some time till he go there.

29. Talk him again and tell that you are from Siergiej and got the device. He will get the device.

30. Go back to Tamara and about success. Ask for results from Device.

31. Go to Mia and ask for ticket to USA

32. She will tell to you learn:

exorcism from Pedro – find “Isola Tiberina”

protecting traps from Rufus – find “Colosseum”

deploying traps from Tamis – Piazza venezia


33. Learn exorcism: you need Rosary , Exorcism Book and Holy water

Rosary – ask Chester he will exchange to Protection talisman you can find near John (Largo di torre argentina)

Exorcism book – ask Janusz (in English mode)

Holy water – find and item – a plenty of them is near Janusz


34. You need 1 least trap to learn protecting and deploying – go to Floki – he will sell you

35. Go back Mia and he will get you to USA









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    The part about janusz giving me exorcism book won’t work

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    I can’t find Chester to exchange the talisman for the rosary :/

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