Demons Hunting strategy by DirtNap

Here is the hunting strategy from DirtNap – top hunter last of 3 week and the leadership of TOP-list at the moment:

Best way that I have found to trap beings is: go to one of the locations that have reports of activity and set your traps up close to one another, and place 1 bait on top of each trap. Then move away from trap far enough for them to be out of site and drop 1 salt on the ground where u stand if you are only on for traps or continue on with your missions. Once you get the message saying “you have caught some beings in one of your traps” tap on traps and find the one/s that are occupied and view trap and move close to it and undeploy trap via trap menu or the map. Once u do this a few times where you aren’t traveling with just one trap full then travel back. “But make sure to repair traps each time they catch something.” Because they will be damaged after each so often. Once you make enough money to have lots of trap I have learned that it is easier to drop 4 on top of each other and then one bait on them to save money on bait. That way you still have traps spread out because its random on which ones will be set first. You have to make sure you are in the correct spot to set traps before you place them on the ground.


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