Players of the June 2015 – summary

DirtNap is the TOP player of June 2015, he is on the top of lists in the following classifications:

The richest player – DirtNap

After him: Harmony, Aenon, the huntero, 헌터, Angel Kate, Anna, kimberleysd13, Alisha Winchester , Viole Jyu Guile


The most experienced player – DirtNap

After him: Aenon, kimberleysd13, 헌터, Harmony, Anna, West Clotho, CassieLust, Alisha Winchester , lokiking


The most popular hunter – DirtNap

Next places:  Thomas Belair, Angelo Martino, Sylvia Beck, Mr Lonley, Tanner, the huntero, The Valfi, ClaudiaB, Alberto Chivas


The second TOP player is Aenon


Most effective hunterAenon

After him: DirtNap, Anna, 헌터, Harmony, kimberleysd13, West Clotho, Viole Jyu Guile, lokiking, VeX


Special thanks to kimberleysd13 as the most philanthropist player.


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