What are the outpost towers in Rome ?

We have noticed a serious demons activity in Europe and USA. A lot of people become possessed last days and the army of possessed is coming to Rome and Washington D.C.

To avoid massive possession across people of Rome and Washington we decided to build outpost towers. First 4 towers are located in Rome. The area between is called safe zone, as long as towers are in good conditions and full of supplies.

Each tower needs to be checked periodically to avoid serious damage. We need also to provide regular supplies to the towers : holy water, salt and sulfur to use it as ammunition against evil forces like ghost and demons.

UPDATE: Now you can perform a Purification Ritual in the towers. It reduces you possession to zero!

Purification Ritual require holy water and salt in the tower stock


Outpost tower against demons and ghosts.

We must be prepared – the open war is coming…

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